Looking for a job in Hungary?

1. Job search on the EURES portal

Go to the EURES portal eures.europa.eu, click on "I'm a Jobseekers Search for a job" and select Hungary on the left-side filter.

2. Job search in the National Job Vacancy Database "VMP - Virtual Labour Market Portal"

Go to the VMP vmp.munka.hu and use the Quick Search (Gyorskeresés) on the right side.

3. Job search in Hungarian career databases

You can search for a job in the largest Hungarian job vacancy databases:


4. Find a career opportunity on Hungarian recruitment events

You can visit the Hungarian job fairs, onsite and online recruitment events.

Living and working conditions in Hungary

Visit the Living and working section on the EURES portal and read the latest information about the labour market and living and working conditions.

Other useful sources:

Are you a non-EU national?

Check the website of the Immigration and Asylum Office and read about residence permits in Hungary.