Looking for a job in Hungary?


Where can you find vacancies and job opportunities? You can find jobs in Hungary and in the EU/EEA from several sources. To map job opportunities and open positions, you can choose to obtain job information through your personal network, contacts, public employment agency, private employment agencies, temp agencies or other labor market service providers. You can choose from a variety of career portals, job databases, print or electronic pages, as well as take part in classic (onsite) and online job fairs, recruitment or career days. You can also use social media to find the job you are looking for.


 Find a job in Hungary 


Job vacancy databases, career portals

National job vacancy databases


Among the domestic job vacancies registered by the National Employment Service, you can search, register, upload your CV and apply for open positions on the Virtual Labor Market Portal (VMP) or you can use the "KarrierM" Career Job Portal operated by OFA Nonprofit Ltd for free of charge.

Public Service and Church Job Database

If you are looking for job opportunities in the Hungarian public sector, you should use the "Közigállás" Public Service Job Portal operated by the Ministry of the Interior. If you are interested in Church jobs, the Church Jobs Portal will help you.

Career page of the Hungarian Armed Forces
Those interested in military careers and career opportunities can find detailed information on the application process, suitability, training, salaries and other conditions on the recruitment portal of the Hungarian Armed Forces, as well as the contact details of the recruitment offices.

It is important to know: Hungarian citizenship and the clean police record, Official Certificate of Good Conduct (in Hungarian: Erkölcsi bizonyítvány) are the basic eligibility criteria for certain state, public service and defense positions.


Career portals

There are also many domestically owned, market-based and international career portals and job databases in Hungary.
The most significant of these and containing the most job advertisements are:

Be careful!
Occasionally, job portals and websites that do not provide real job opportunities or "copy" advertisements from other reliable job portals and job databases also appear on the Internet. Unfortunately, this often leads to abuses and misunderstandings, as there are plenty of "expired" and already filled positions among them. It is not recommended to apply for jobs displayed on various "give-and-take" merchant pages, as neither the content and authenticity of the advertisement nor the identity of the advertiser can be verified.

Hungarian Engineering and Technical Job Portal

Construction, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, manufacturing and production, IT and telecom, building engineering, quality management, civil engineer, engineer-salesman, etc.:

Agricultural job opportunities

The following online job sources are available for domestic seasonal work and seasonal agricultural work:


Large companies' own career pages
Large companies can usually maintain an independent career page within their corporate portal, an interface for applying for advertised, open positions (or even without it). Through this, candidates ’professional resumes and motivation letters are expected, which are then collected and proceed in the company recruitment database and sent to HR staff. This is also part of the pre-screening of candidates and the selection process. You can also find White-Collar or Blue-Collar positions, opportunities for young jobseekers, career starters and various scholarships. We’ve listed a few below, but you can also easily find the section with “Career” or “Career” information by visiting the website of the selected companies.

Bank sector

  • Budapest Bank

Manufacture of motor vehicles and tires

Commerce & retail

Food and chemical industry
Electronics, energy, telecommunications, IT


Job fairs


Various recruitment and career days are held in the spring and autumn. Job fairs organized mainly by universities and major labor market actors can be visited in larger cities and county capitals. In addition, of course, there are also small recruitment events, the employment departments of the county / capital government offices also organize such recruitment events and opportunities to meet employers. You can contact employers, either in person or online, to meet the recruiting staff of companies.


Good to know:
Pre-registration and registration may be required to participate in the job fairs. Many recruitment day organizers may even require a professional resume from the presenter to help fill exhibitor positions faster. It is worth coming to the job fairs and career days prepared, mapping the exhibitor companies and employers in advance. It helps in hiring, career building and also saves exhibitor companies time.

Private employment agencies and temporary employment agencies

Market-based private recruitment agencies and temporary agencies also offer job opportunities. Their offers are mostly available through their website. The list of currently operating private employment agencies and temporary employment agencies registered by the capital and county government offices can be downloaded from the website of the National Employment Service:

Major employment agencies and temporary agencies operating in Hungary:

Good to know:
Different rules apply to intermediaries, lenders and those offering student work. Before signing any agency contract, check carefully whether the company offering the job opportunity and the agency or rental service has a valid license to carry out this activity.
The job information sources, portals, service providers and events mentioned above are for information purposes only.
If you need further help to find your way around, feel free to contact our staff. In the labor market, we can also provide advice to avoid various pitfalls related to job advertisements and to eliminate false job advertisements. Safety comes first - for us too.


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 Jobs in the EU

There are several ways to access vacancies in EU / EEA countries as well as in Switzerland (for which EU workers are also invited to apply). You can choose between the services of the Member States' employment services, official employment services, contact foreign recruiters, build contacts through social networking sites, apply individually and proactively to companies, and use EURES. In Europe, you can also use the help of the growing members and partners of the national EURES networks of EU / EEA countries to find a job abroad.

Job offers on the EURES portal

In particular, you should start your search on the EURES portal, which is available in all EU languages and has job vacancies advertised in the Member States, where you can freely choose where you work (destination country), contract duration (direct hire, temporary or contract to hire), contract type (full-time, part-time, flexible), expected
level of education or training and length of professional experience and other conditions. You can also filter the results by job title, keywords in the job description, and employer name.

EURES European Job Mobility Portal

Job vacancies appearing on the portal are collected and shared by staff from the countries participating in the EURES network, public employment services and EURES members and EURES partners registered in the EURES network. As a result, only job vacancies from real, registered companies legally operating in a given EU Member State are included in the EURES database. Here, employers cannot upload job vacancies directly, only with the help of EURES. This is a guarantee that EU workers will only be able to search for job vacancies that contain reliable, real and relevant mandatory data.

Good to know: 
Although the EURES portal interface is available in all EU languages, job vacancies are displayed in the languages of the target country (the advertising company) in its job database. Thus, knowledge of the language of the target country (advertising company) is a prerequisite for the accurate interpretation of the job advertisement and for a successful job application. If you do not understand the content of the job advertisement, be sure to consult a EURES Adviser before applying.


European recruitment, career days, job fairs, - European Job Days

In Europe, recruitment typically takes place in the spring and autumn. This is when the largest international job fairs will take place. The EURES network organizes recruitment events across Europe, which are also open to those interested across borders. The European (Online) Job Days also include events that are online fairs, ie do not require on-site participation. This way, you can even contact foreign companies advertising jobs from home, as well as take part in online video chat interviews, all for free. The EURES Hungary network also organizes a European Online Job Fair every autumn, which mainly offers job opportunities for Hungarian companies to Hungarian jobseekers, employees from neighboring or other EU countries, and returnees from abroad who want to work and build a career in Hungary for the first time or again. In addition, EURES is usually present at most domestic recruitment events and job fairs with an exhibitor stand. You can also find out about these events on our EURES Hungary Facebook page.

European (Online) Job Days - EOJD platform:


Good to know:
There is a close link between the EURES portal, EUROPASS and the European Job Days online systems. Whichever portal you use, not only can you get to the job opportunities easily, but you can also get your job application ready more easily. Using these portals is not difficult at all, it can be mastered in minutes. Anyone looking for EU jobs will want to apply for a job with a foreign employer, but will definitely need some computer and internet skills. If you want to know more about this, our staff is at your disposal.

Job databases of labor organizations in EU/EEA countries

Are you in another country, but would you like to explore the job opportunities there as well?
Nothing is simpler than that. Feel free to visit the job databases available through the portal of the official public employment organization and search freely, free of charge among the advertised jobs. As not all jobs are advertised and shared through the EURES portal, some vacancies may only be available through the public database. In order to help you get these job offers as well, we have also collected the contact details of the labor organizations and job databases of all EU/EEA countries.

Job databases of labor organizations in EU / EEA countries:

Good to know:
Most public job databases are easy to use and reliable. In some countries, the employment service also collects and publishes part-time jobs, offers from private intermediaries, and internships. If the advertising employer specifies in the job advertisement the geographical area from which you expect applicants to place your CV or phone call, there is less chance of applying from another country, as jobseekers available locally or nearby are preferred.

Private recruitment agencies, hiring agencies, recruitment agencies

There are a number of intermediaries and recruiters in the EU that operate on a market basis, and they can also help you find a job. Although their income is earned primarily from the fulfillment of their assignments by employers, job seekers who turn to them are generally not charged for their services. However, the legislation of the Member States on intermediation and lending is very different, so that while it may be prohibited in one country, it may be allowed in another to provide services to workers for an appropriate remuneration. The same applies to the registration system. In one country, it is not enough to simply register a private broker or lender, a separate registration may be required, while in another country there is no such requirement. The recruitment and placement market in the European Union is very large, with some major recruitment firms and agencies active in several Member States at the same time, providing customer service. There is no single European database for the search for intermediaries and lenders, so these agencies can be mapped mainly with the help of public employment bodies, company databases and search engines.

Good to know:
Although it can be effective to use the help of a foreign labor intermediary, it is still recommended to contact a service provider that is state-registered, has an operating license and provides customer service. As employees can even become vulnerable, it is better to avoid advertisers and individuals who are unknown, not verifiable from any record, who advertise on Facebook groups, advertise themselves as “companies”.

Foreign career portals, LinkedIn, proactive application at foreign companies

In addition to the above, there is, of course, an abundant offer from foreign career portals and social networking sites, and it is possible to send spontaneous applications to selected companies with initiative in some cases.
LinkedIn, which has become an important source of recruitment for the HR profession, already has an almost unavoidable, prominent role in cross-border, international job search.

The job information sources, portals, service providers and events mentioned above are for information purposes only.
If you need further help to find your way around, feel free to contact our staff. In the labor market, we can also provide advice to avoid various pitfalls related to job advertisements and to eliminate false job advertisements. Safety comes first - for us too.

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 Before you apply for a job

Whether you are applying for a job at home or abroad, you can be exposed to being deceived or cheated anywhere. Unfortunately, in the labor market, the good faith of applicants is exploited by promising job opportunities, and the end result is that they do not receive their wages, their working conditions are not only inadequate, but also downright dangerous, and in the worst case they can fall victim to exploitation and human trafficking. That is why it is very important to examine the text, content and language of job advertisements and various offers with a critical eye in each case. EURES Hungary staff have in many cases been approached by workers who have been in trouble abroad, so we consider it important to prepare in advance and exercise caution. If you are unsure about the authenticity of an ad, have doubts about the advertiser, you should first contact us for advice before applying for the job. Many times trouble is preventable.

Be careful! Don't become a victim!
Before thinking about working abroad and applying for jobs, read our safety tips and publications carefully, as well as follow our EURESCUE blog for practical experience, so that you don't fall into the trap.

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 Living and working conditions in Hungary

Visit the Living and working section on the EURES portal and read the latest information about the labour market and living and working conditions.


About Hungary

Study in Hungary


Guidance: Living in Hungary (by GOV.uk) - Last updated 3 March 2021
Official information for UK nationals living in or moving to Hungary, including guidance on residency, healthcare, and driving.


Other useful sources:

Eurofound Country page: Hungary

JustLanded: Hungary

OECD country note: How’s Life in Hungary?

ENIC/NARIC Hungary, Educational Authority: Recognition of foreign qualifications in Hungary

Helpers: How do you calculate salary and contributions in Hungary?



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Recognition of professional qualifications in practice

Contact Point in Hungary

Educational Authority - Hungarian Equivalence and Information Centre
H-1054 BUDAPEST Bathory u. 10
Tel: +36 1 374 2200
Fax: +36 1 374 2492
E-mail: recognition@oh.gov.hu
Website: www.professionalrecognition.hu


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 If you lose your job in Hungary


A jobseeker is a person who is registered as a jobseeker with the National Employment Service in Hungary.  A jobseeker cannot be a student in full-time education or a person entitled to an old-age pension, rehabilitation benefit, benefits prior to retirement age or benefits for persons with changed working capacity, and may not receive income from other activities, except for occasional work. A jobseeker has to co-operate with the National Employment Service.

A jobseeker's allowance may be granted to a person:

• with an eligibility period of at least 360 days within three years preceding the date of becoming a jobseeker,
• who is looking for work, and                            
• who is not engaged in any gainful activities, i.e. is neither employed nor
• self-employed, and
• would like to find work, but whose individual efforts to find work have been so far unsuccessful, and
• to whom the relevant employment office fails to offer an appropriate job.

If you meet the above conditions and want to register as a jobseeker and claim jobseeker's benefits, you should contact the employment department responsible for your place of residence.
You can get help if:

  • You are looking for a job
  • You need advice
  • You can make the registration as jobseeker
  • Apply for job-search allowance, other benefits
  • You can use labor market services, guidance
  • You can join to labor market programs to help you find a job
  • You need information about your ongoing cases.



  1. Go to the NFSZ (Nemzeti Foglalkoztatási Szolgálat - National Employment Service) portal,
    URL: https://nfsz.munka.hu and scroll down to the Ügyintézés (Administration) section,
    click on the green button called "Tovább"


    or just simply click here to get to the dedicated Employment Department (=District Labour Office)
    in Hungarian: "Foglalkoztatási Osztály"
     search page.

  2. Scroll down until you find the search input field on the page.

  3. Write the name of the city (Város) or postal code (Irányítószám) of the city of your Hungarian place of residence, where you live.
    (examples: Debrecen or 4046, 6721 or Szeged, Tatabánya or 2800)

    If you live in Budapest, you will get the responsible Employment Department (Disctrict Labour Office) in Hungarian: "Foglalkoztatási Osztály" by district number from a drop-down menu as well.

  4. Click on Keresés (Search)

    Click on the name of the relevant Employment Department below and then you will get the address card, location on the map of your Employment Department (District Office) with contact details and opening hours.



The following options are available for submitting applications electronically:

  • If you have an access to the Customer Gate (Ügyfélkapu), you can submit your application using the ePaper (ePapír) application to the relevant Employment Department (District Labour Office).

    Hint: You must select the relevant Topic Group (Témacsoport) and Case Type (Ügytípus) on the ePapír online application submission page.

    From the drop-down menu please select:

    "Kormányhivatali ügyek" for the Topic Group (Témacsoport)


    "Foglalkoztatási támogatások, közfoglalkoztatás és egyéb állami foglalkoztatási feladatok" for the Case Type (Ügytípus) 

  • You can also attach the necessary documents to your application (in pdf, word, excel format, or even in a picture taken by phone)

  • In the form of an e-mail with personal data required for identification:
    name and place of birth, place and time of birth, mother's name, home address, TAJ number, tax number

  • Without access to the Customer Gate (Ügyfélkapu) - after entering the TAJ number and date of birth - on the website of the National Employment Service - in this case the documents must be presented in person.

  • If electronic administration is not possible, the completed applications and document attachments can be dropped in the collection box placed in the customer waiting area of ​​the employment department of the district (capital district) office of the place of residence / stay, or sent by post.

  • The following cases can be handled electronically:
    • an indication of your intention to apply for a jobseeker's allowance,
    • an indication of your intention to apply for pre-retirement job search assistance (NYES),
    • an indication of the intention to apply for registration,
    • notification of a change in material circumstances affecting eligibility
    • fulfillment of the application obligation.


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 For non-EU/EEA nationals

Check the website of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing and read about residence permits in Hungary, incl. Enter Hungary website about electronically submission of application for a residence permit in Hungary, Consular Services for visa application and more.


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