Looking for a job in Hungary?

1. Job search on the EURES portal

Go to the EURES portal eures.europa.eu, click on "I'm a Jobseekers Search for a job" and select Hungary on the left-side filter.

2. Job search in the National Job Vacancy Database "VMP - Virtual Labour Market Portal"

Go to the VMP vmp.munka.hu and use the Quick Search (Gyorskeresés) on the right side.


3. Job search in Hungarian career databases

You can search for a job in the largest Hungarian job vacancy databases:


4. Find a career opportunity on Hungarian recruitment events

You can visit the Hungarian job fairs, onsite and online recruitment events.

Living and working conditions in Hungary

Visit the Living and working section on the EURES portal and read the latest information about the labour market and living and working conditions.

Living in Hungary (by GOV.uk - Foreign & Commonwealth Office) - Last updated 17 April 2019

Official information British people moving to and living in Hungary need to know, including EU Exit guidance, residency, healthcare and driving.

Hungary: notarial and documentary services (by GOV.uk - Foreign & Commonwealth Office) - Published 17 April 2013

How someone in Hungary can get documents witnessed or certified, have an oath, affirmation or affidavit administered and obtain informative notes.

Other useful sources:

Eurofound Country page: Hungary

JustLanded: Hungary

OECD country note: How’s Life in Hungary?

ENIC/NARIC Hungary, Educational Authority: Recognition of foreign qualifications in Hungary

Helpers: How do you calculate salary and contributions in Hungary?



Recognition of professional qualifications in practice

Contact Point in Hungary

Educational Authority - Hungarian Equivalence and Information Centre
H-1054 BUDAPEST Bathory u. 10
Tel: +36 1 374 2200
Fax: +36 1 374 2492
E-mail: recognition@oh.gov.hu
Website: www.professionalrecognition.hu


When you lose your job


A jobseeker is a person who is registered as a jobseeker with the National Employment Service in Hungary.  A jobseeker cannot be a student in full-time education or a person entitled to an old-age pension, rehabilitation benefit, benefits prior to retirement age or benefits for persons with changed working capacity, and may not receive income from other activities, except for occasional work. A jobseeker has to co-operate with the national employment service.

A jobseeker's allowance may be granted to a person:

• with an eligibility period of at least 360 days within three years preceding the date of becoming a jobseeker,
• who is looking for work, and                            
• who is not engaged in any gainful activities, i.e. is neither employed nor
• self-employed, and
• would like to find work, but whose individual efforts to find work have been so far unsuccessful, and
• to whom the relevant employment office fails to offer an appropriate job.

Are you a non-EU national?

Check the website of the Immigration and Asylum Office and read about residence permits in Hungary.


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Update: 12/12/2020